This is the page where you can join the Diagram Club.

The Diagram Club operates on a ‘Pay what you can afford’ basis. £2 a month (payable at £24 a year) is the standard price, but for those who can afford a bit more, feel they are getting good value, and would like to support my work, there are options to do so.

If £2 a month is a stretch at the current time I fully understand, and so I’m offering a reduced rate, which you can find here.

If you’d like to sign up a number of people as part of a team you can do that too. This allows the individuals in your team to use the cartoons, join the community, etc. Click here to sign up as a team.

You can give a membership to someone else by buying a Membership Gift Token.

If you’d like to pay an amount this isn’t listed here, or have questions, then do let me know.

[Note: Your ‘username’ isn’t currently displayed publicly, but might be in the future, depending on how the site develops.}

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