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  • Regular cartoon-update emails
  • Enabling Dave’s work to continue
  • Behind-the-scenes content
  • Members’ Lounge
  • Q and A sessions
  • Things you can print
  • Use of cartoons in documents, posters, talks (non-commercial)

Please note:

  1. This membership allows only non-commercial usage of the cartoons. For information about how I define this, please see the Membership Conditions page. Commercial licences are also available – please contact me for details.
  2. The memberships do not currently cover social media use of the cartoons. You are of course welcome to share (Facebook) or retweet (Twitter) or add my posts to stories (Instagram), but you can’t upload the images yourself. Again, please see the Membership Conditions, or get in touch if clarification is required.
  3. This is an online membership – you won’t receive anything in the post. If you like receiving post try the Membership + Art option!

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