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A minor announcement in the grand scheme of things, what with there being coronations and elections and suchlike going on. But as of today, 5th May 2023, my cartoons are once again appearing in the Church Times newspaper.

A recap: I’ve been drawing cartoons for the CT since 2005, with one or two breaks. Last spring, March 2021, I stopped, mainly for mental-health-related reasons. I then did a series on environmental topics from November ’22 to February this year, though with one thing and another they didn’t quite work as hoped, and so it was decided that they wouldn’t continue.

I’ve since changed my working practices somewhat, so feel able to restart again. So, hopefully good news to those who like what I do, and (sorry!) bad news to those who don’t. And thanks to Paul and staff at the paper for continuing to think that I might be able to produce good work.

The cartoon topics will be varied once again, so some topical ones, and others on the mundane oddities of everyday church life, these having been quite popular in the past, and which, I’m sensing, is what quite a few people who like my work really want.

The first cartoon, is, topically, entitled The Coronation, and the image above is just a minuscule snippet. The complete thing can be found here: The Coronation. The Church Times does have a paywall, but you get a couple of free pages a month. Please do click through when you can – it’s good for my stats.

A few other ways you can help in this enterprise:

I welcome suggestions for topics. They can be fully-formed, or just a vague idea. People who have insider knowledge on a particular topic are especially welcome, but please, whoever you are, feel free to get in touch. You can send them via this page: send a cartoon idea. I can’t promise to use all ideas sent, or to credit you. But please be assured that I’m grateful when people make the effort. I aim to reply to all cartoon-suggestion emails, so if I don’t please do nudge me in case it’s gone astray.

Also: For those who are fans of my church-themed cartoons, a reminder that is an entire website that is devoted to them, and you’ll find information about the books I’ve done, etc, too. It’s entirely free to browse, but if you’d like to subscribe you can use the cartoons in your parish magazine and elsewhere. Details here: How you can use the cartoons. And, speaking on behalf of my bank manager, and possibly pushing my luck somewhat, now really would be quite an ideal time to do so if that’s your sort of thing.

CartoonChurch is unrelated to my other project, Diagram Club, by the way, in case you’re baffled by the various projects I have going on.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the new Church Times cartoons if they are your kind of thing. I’ve got a few done in advance, and (extreme self-promotion alert) I don’t think they are too bad. Thanks, anyway, for your support.


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  1. Thanks for all of this. I have missed your cartoons of church life. I was a church warden for ten years until two years ago, and they so often hit the mark so accurately that it both made me laugh say “touché “ at the same time
    So pleased you are back in the Church Times.

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