Ride every day

Keen observers of my social media pages (1, 2) may have noticed that I’ve been riding my bicycle quite a bit so far in 2020. This hasn’t been any kind of a grandiose cycling challenge you understand, but it turns out I have ridden my bike every day. Not far, usually just a couple of miles, but something.

There were several reasons for this unexpected and largely-unplanned spate of cycling:
1. I am needing to do a lot of thinking about cycling for my work at the moment, and being on my bike was intended to help.
2. In a time of climate crisis where transport (in the UK at least) is the highest contributing factor, it seemed like a good idea to swap car journeys for bike when I can. And I can cycle a lot of the time. Perhaps there’s an element of obligation too.
3. To prove to myself what can be done. It’s so easy to assume (speaking on my own behalf) that food shopping, for instance, needs a car. But if you are reasonably fit and healthy using a bike is a possibility. And where it isn’t my view is that we need to campaign for it to become so.
4. I lead quite an isolated life as my work can mostly be done without seeing another human being, and often is. So anything to get me out and about is good.
5. Too many Timothy Taylors / tasty dinners, and not enough exercise. Those 1.5 mile trips around the block made all the difference I’m sure…
6. I quite like taking odd photographs.

I have really enjoyed it, I must say. Though there have been times when it has interrupted my flow of work. And I have looked incredibly suspicious taking photos of my bike in places where people don’t really take photos of bikes.

Sadly I won’t be keeping this up all year, not least because February is too complicated. I take bikes on trains all the time, but I’ll be going to places where this isn’t really practical. But I still intend to cycle on a good number of days, and yes, there will be more photographs.

Thanks to everyone who has cheered me on (virtually and metaphorically) and liked and commented on the daily photos. Happy cycling!

Photo: ‘Ride every day’ t-shirt by Morvelo.

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