Letter to Rupert Walmsley, Director of Purple Paw web hosting and ITC Southampton

Open message to Rupert Walmsley, Company Director of Purple Paw Limited, the company who host my CartoonChurch.com website. Rupert Walmsley is also managing director of ITC in Southampton, via which this message has been sent, as all attempts to make contact via Purple Paw have failed.

Dear Rupert,

I am incredibly frustrated at the complete and utter lack of customer service I am receiving from your company, Purple Paw limited, who host my CartoonChurch.com website.

The site has been down for over 72 hours this week, with a ‘account suspended’ message showing. It was down for a similar amount of time last week. This is very approximately a 43% downtime rate over the last two weeks, and there is currently no indication that the site will come back. As you can imagine, I am very unhappy about this given that I am trying to run a business.

I am currently unable to get any helpful response from your Technical Support department. Replies are taking days, and then when they do arrive contain no useful information. Your company has no telephone number, so I’m contacting you via this letter.

My site is, I am aware, ‘overloading the CPU of the server’, and your Technical Support department have told me to ‘assess my website’ to determine the cause of this. I have asked for server logs or any kind of information that will help me to understand where the problem lies so that I can attempt to rectify it, but I have received no response to this request despite having emailed multiple times.

For a company promising ’24/7 technical support’ this is completely unacceptable.

It is also very frustrating, when I do receive a reply, to have a different person replying each time I email and never to have a full name so I don’t know who I’m writing to or hearing from. No one who I am in contact with seems to have heard of my previous messages, so I feel as if I am getting nowhere.

I don’t have an email address for you, so I’m sending you this message via the general ITC contact form and posting it on my blog, davewalker.cc/blog, in the hope that one or other will be seen and some action will be taken. Please excuse me contacting you in this public manner, but all other avenues have been exhausted. As you wrote on your Twitter profile a few months back: “The faster you decide what you want in life … and write it down … the faster it shows up…”. I would like my website to be put online again, and for someone to help me find the root of the technical problem.

Dave Walker

Note to others reading: You will be asking why I persist with this web hosting company given the complete lack of customer service. I am in the process of moving the site to a different host, but exporting/importing the WordPress databases has not proved straightforward, and I need the site to be working and stable in order for this to take place.

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2 thoughts on “Letter to Rupert Walmsley, Director of Purple Paw web hosting and ITC Southampton

  1. I feel your pain Dave and would like to add my voice to this if may.

    I paid my last invoice only to find my service was suspended today despite responding to a reminder highlighting the fact payment had been made.

    I have logged on to the client portal and navigated to the support section where the “New Ticket” option is unavailable and, as you say, no phone number provided.

    I have suffered repeated issues with Purple Paw Hosting services and will be migrating my websites away in good time.

    If you do get a contact number please would you share it with me via the email address I have provided?

    Many thanks and good luck!!

  2. If you get it back on line, grab a copy of the bsckupbuddy plugin from ithemes. It’ll make migrating a cinch!

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