Saturday is links day

Manna Bible online. Listen, study. Free audio downloads (found via The MannaBible Project)
The Bible in a free to download form. Great idea, though I personally find the background music a distraction. It’s just the age I’m getting to.

The Body of Christ could use some sleep (Or what the Church can learn from iTunes.)
Again from, a piece by Kester Brewin. He is always good value.

Greenbelt – New church art-space launches with Damien Hirst exhibition
“Britain’s leading contemporary artist invited to show works inspired by religious images to generate debate about belief.”

Drive a white van « Mike Hill
Bishop Mike talks about whether people doing innovative church projects should be paid or not.

jonnybaker: EntrepreneurShip
Interesting-looking day conference on emerging church and being an entrepreneur. Think I might be on holiday though. Not sure.

maggi dawn: SLOW priesthood
Post following on from the Rev. Sam / MadPriest discussion about being a vicar I posted last week. The comments are good, especially the one by John Davies. He is always good value.

staring into the distance::as far as our eyes can see
Paul (always good value) has three four posts on the same aforementioned topics:
1. Clergy stress
2. “If you meet George Herbert on the road, kill him”
3. Visiting
3.1 You get the priests you plan for

Church To Defy NFL, Show Super Bowl With Projector
How churches are being naughty.

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