Sock drawer

[Click on the image to see the contents of my sock drawer from a slightly closer vantage point]

sock cartoon
[Click on the image to see the contents of my sock drawer from a slightly closer vantage point]


  1. I am a little worried by the rather small size of your underpants. Are they actually yours, or the mislaid property of a random elf? If the former, have you ever considered that you might be able to move from the sopranos to the bass section of the choir if you discarded the beloved undies of your childhood and moved on to bigger things?

    I would also point out that you have far too few single socks. Must be something wrong with your washing machine.

  2. I also note a distint lack of holes in the heels of your socks… do you perhaps have another draw with socks in??? And is that and new five pence piece or an old five pence piece??

  3. Can I have the big one to hang up for Father Christmas? I know that’s greedy, but it was a question begging to be asked!

    I bought a packet of pairs of socks from M & S, and after washing some didn’t quite match!?! It’s a wonderful game to try and find the closest colour matches in various shades of beige. Now I know why I wear black socks for work. (That might give you a clue as to my way of life.)

  4. There’s something a little unmanly about this dave. Some of these socks not only match but are next to each other in the drawer. Also at some point you have had the almost feminine good sense to buy patterned socks so that it is easy to sort out a pair that matches first thing in the morning. No wonder you are drawn towards evangelicals. This sock draw screams out inerrancy.

  5. I would remind Paul that unless he is a priest his socks are not black but very, very, vrey dark blue…

    Dave I think you should try the ones with the spots and the ones with the cross-hatch together to see if anybody notices…

  6. I found 5p in my sock drawer recently too. Question is; what do they need to spend money on? Or What could they get for 5p nowadays (unless maybe they’re saving up!)

  7. Chris, I might just be a priest then. And, sadly, they’re grey now, not even Ariel Colour and Style (sic) can keep my black shirts and socks black, whatever their advertising may claim.

  8. There are too many undifferentiated Pauls posting here.

    The only black socks I have have coloured heels and toes and a day of the week embroidered on them. They are easy to pair up, but I have never yet, to my knowledge, managed to wear a pair on the right day.

  9. So pleased to see that I’m not the only one with a drawer with lots of odd socks. But it’s not just the fault of the washing machine . . . this complex phenomenon is described delightfully in , a children’s book by Tony Ross.

  10. Has no one here heard of a sock bag? You can buy thm at supermarkets and then you just put your socks in them when you wash them, so no socks get lost in the washing process.

    If it helps you can peg your socks in pairs on the line to dry, but even if you don’t it should be easy enough to fold them in pairs once they are dry.

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