Summer cartoon ideas

Any summer or indeed non-summer themed cartoon ideas would be welcomed. Anything you can send me via the comments section of this blog or via email would be much appreciated. Twitter is OK too, just not quite as easy for me to save / print off. Sorry to ask again, but cartooning has gone better…

Any summer or indeed non-summer themed cartoon ideas would be welcomed. Anything you can send me via the comments section of this blog or via email would be much appreciated. Twitter is OK too, just not quite as easy for me to save / print off. Sorry to ask again, but cartooning has gone better than it currently is. I try to reply to all messages, but thanks in advance for your help.


  1. Hi Dave, some ideas off the top of my head – holiday clubs can have lots of comedy moments, as can a wasp or bee or similar getting into church during a service – or even a bird. Holiday makers coming to church trailing sand, crabs etc that children have caught and hidden in pockets to bring out in the boring bits. How about embarrassing wedding stories, especially around children who don’t often go to church – or children who normally only to church for weddings being there for a normal service and asking where the bride is etc.

    Oh – and what people do during prayers when they think no-one can see them: pick their nose, read the notice sheet, check and send emails and texts, probably play Candy Crush, write notes they never read again, snooze, loads of weird things

    Hope this helps

  2. Visiting clergy covering for holidays. Failure of communications with choir – we recently had an anthem announced and all the choir shouted , “No!” (Wrong anthem, because of change due to absenteeism)

  3. Vicars covering for other vicars whilst they are on holiday can be interesting, especially if they’re not used to the tradition of the other church – as is what to do about flies in church, particularly if they try to bother you when you are trying to celebrate.

  4. Hi dave,
    How many times have we seem churches empty during the summer, particularly of kids and families. It is almost as if when the schools are off on holiday, God takes the chance for a holiday too. And if god is on holiday from the church then why should others have to go ….
    Have a good summer

  5. Hi, I’m not a cycling person but there must be some Yorkshire inspired Tour aspects to be plundered…

  6. Hi Dave,
    (1) What the vicar gets up to on holiday
    (2) Ideas for bespoke summer vestments eg clerical shirts in Hawaiian print, sleeveless cassocks, straw mitres etc
    (3) The perils of the ‘visiting choir’ during the Cathedral Choir vacation

  7. Church maintenance over the summer..
    What vicars do during the summer….
    Church summer outings…
    Non church Tourists/visitors to church, either for a service or wandering around, what they think things are for or do

  8. maybe some of these events will help …
    Mother & Toddler Group Teddy Beara’ Picnic,
    Sunday School/Youth Sports,
    Strawberry Tea & Songs of Praise,
    Open Air Service,
    Church picnic,
    Church BBQ
    sheltering under gazebo whilst torrential rain
    Holiday Club,
    Church away at church camp or New Wine or other camp,
    Church day trip to theme park.
    Clergy/clergy family on holiday

  9. Where everybody is when no one’s there. Church empty and everyone assumed everyone would be there

  10. I love the idea if what the church gets up to when the vicar and others are away at new wine!
    30 min services.
    Nicer biscuits
    No boring sermons
    Music everyone likes

  11. New Wine shower queue
    Soul survivor late night escapades (singing with a guitar, pranks, trying to sleep etc)
    Sunday school special session -where a no regular leader rubs a group of 50 mixed aged children by themselves!

  12. How about worship outside the building, fields, beach, mountain etc. Spontaneous prayers while on holiday – thanks for the scenery, prayers about driving down the tiny country roads ie please no tractor/sheep/cattle, coming the other way, wow that road was steep/sharp/scary, please stop the children arguing/screaming/running round/moaning.

  13. Service on beach,
    baptism in sea,
    minister in hawaii shirt and shorts with no congregation?
    What Soul Survivor looks like at breakfast time (not that I’ve been, but I hear the nights are laaate and teenagers don’t do mornings much at the best of times).
    Effect of british summer weather on optimistic outdoor service. We once had a church social near the beach and were rained on so torrentially that everyone huddled together under a scrap of roof outside the (closed) cafe and half a dozen umbrellas. Very much closer physically than we would ever choose to be normally.
    Hope cartoons go better soon. They cheer me up when my own work is dire. Thanks.

  14. At the recent PCC discussion on accessibility it was pointed out that our font was too small.

    Alas it was for the printed handouts and not to allow for christening extra large babies…

  15. Summer camp
    What clergy may or may not wear under cassocks in summer (like what the Scots wear or don’t wear under a kilt)
    Beach services and odd guests – human and others.

  16. How about newly ordained curates having to hold the fort while the vicar goes on holiday? Chaos ensues…
    The perils of the summer fete? (Dr Batts’ recent escapades with the rain & beer stall springs to mind.)
    How to survive a heatwave in a church – babies swimming in fonts; using notice sheets as fans; vicar wearing shorts under cassock; setting up a sandpit under the pulpit…
    Ways of churches/clergy/parishioners dealing with conflicts of church & major sporting events – phones tucked into hymn books; changing the screen to show matches; hidden headphones…

    Any of those strike inspiration?

  17. As above… When others go on holiday, the congregation decide that I (the Vicar) would like to receive postcards of churches they have seen. Also, the congregation often visit a different church when they are on holiday and then bring all the ‘good ideas’ back to suggest to the Vicar – clearly all suggestions are welcomed! Attendance at early morning services increases in the Summer (so that the whole day is not wasted – as some have said!). Not sure whether swimming costumes are worn underneath but sometimes you get the impression that there is a race to the beach as the service ends.

  18. Clergy at the beach either with swimsuit and collar or getting sunburned at the base of the neck as it rarely gets any sun.

  19. Thank you everyone. These are great. Will be printing off and working on these and others emailed to me. It makes a big difference, so thank you.

  20. I’ve just spent an hour looking for the boiler room key- having looked in the two key cupboards (the key to which is hidden in a locked drawer, the key for which is hidden in another drawer) and the other random places we hide keys (on hooks in vestment or stationary cupboards, in the safe, or in a cupboard the key for which is in the safe) I finally found it in a drawer full of vestment ties! There must be a cartoon in this somewhere- I’d even buy our church warden the tea towel!

  21. How about…
    How the trainee /lay people are let loose on the congregation over the summer.
    Summer youth holidays / camps:
    Young 30 somethings frazzled from years at work give up their summers to pretend to be pirates / clean toilets / play silly games, all in boarding schools that look like hogwarts.

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