Tax return resolutions

How I intend to be more organised next year

It is tax return time for self employed people, freelancers, and others. It is my least favourite part of what I do, and I manage to get myself into an unnecessary state of anxiety about it every single year.

As usual resolutions have been made about how I will be more organised about everything from now on (see cartoon), so that tax return time isn’t January, but [name of month that is a good amount of time before January].

The good news: I have now managed to send my figures to my accountants, who actually do much of the hard work of knowing what to put in which box, knowing what I can put in which category, etc. I’d recommend Morgan Cameron, by the way, if you’re looking for someone to do your tax return or indeed anything else that accountants do.

To everyone still working on their tax return: I wish you well.