The Dave Walker Colouring Book

Published in August 2016

Dave Walker Colouring Book

I’m pleased to announce that The Dave Walker Colouring Book, a colouring book of my cartoons, will be published in August by Canterbury Press. The book features 40 or so cartoons in A4 format to colour. They include some brand new ones that I’ve drawn specifically for the book, the colouring cartoons from, and a selection of my favourite cartoons that I’ve drawn over the years that lend themselves to being coloured-in. Some of them have been reworked a bit to remove surplus text and increase colourability*. [*Possibly an actual word]

The cover gives an idea of the kind of pictures it contains. If you’ve ever wanted the opportunity to give clergy green hair – this is your chance. Warning: don’t eat any quiche that looks a bit blue, green, red AND orange.

I’m quite excited about this. The colouring pages that I put on the CartoonChurch site went down very well, (on the whole), so it is great that more similar pictures will be available in a handy-to-colour format. And whilst swirly nature colouring patterns are fine… this is something a bit different. And it is great to have something new this year while I’m in the middle of working on the cycling book.

The official publication date isย 23/08/2016, so in time for the Greenbelt Festival, where it will be on sale. The price is ยฃ7.99.

Official blurb about the book (kindly written by someone else):

Fans of Dave Walker’s unique and brilliant cartoon style will welcome this latest addition to the growing range of Dave Walker books and gifts: a colouring book that all ages can enjoy. Featuring over 40 large scale cartoons celebrating the oddities of church life, and revealing what you actually need to pack when you’re camping at a festival, the shopping habits of the clergy, the mayhem of child-friendly services, the hazards of bring-and-share lunches and much more, this combines the fun of colouring with Dave’s distinctive and wry humour. So you get to calm down and laugh – what’s not to like? Dave Walker is the UK’s leading’s cartoon commentator on the church and all its workings, and has recently emerged as the cartoon expert on the world of cycling also. A professional cartoonist, web editor and former church and community youth worker, his instantly recognisable Guide to the Church cartoons appear weekly in the Church Times, and many more can be found on Dave’s website,

The book is available to preorder:

When the time comes you should be able to buy it in your local bookshop and I’d encourage such a thing, but you’ll probably need to order it. The title may well be fine, but if you quote the following number that might help things along: ISBN-13: 9781848258976


  1. What a brilliant idea. I have now ordered several Christmas presents, even though it is only June. I can now feel smug and self satisfied. Although not as satisfied as I would be if I could actually get sewing in my sewing room; it is full of stuff. ๐Ÿ™

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