The foodbank

Day 9

Day 9



  1. We certainly do. Our local food bank is always very busy. And I don’t know about them all, but ours is also in of nappies, feminine hygiene stuff and soya milk (for lactose intolerant children who are too old for the milk tokens)

    1. Please if you are anywhere near me I have two cans of Pepti-Junior for milk intolerance
      and milk allergy sufferers that I am going to have to throw away as the chemist and hospital can take it back.

      1. Hi Sian, try your local food bank, although if it is something prescribed they may not be able to take it

  2. Great Work, but many of my clients entering recovery from addiction at this time of year are struggling to come outdoors and others suffer with severe paranoia and would prefer to starve than walking into a centre asking fir help. Do you know of any service where we could have a supply to then pass onto our clients / peers in Blackpool ? We are also considering opening up over Christmas and New Year for individuals in recovery, and any donations welcomed and apprecuated. Email :

    1. Hi Brian, I am in Manchester and part of the recovery community there. Would any of the long term recovery people be willing to help as individuals, obviously for the fellowships to become involved would be against tradition about not being allied to any outside organisation, don’t remember the number. I don’t know the situation in Blackpool, I am thinking as I am writing that down here there have been informal food collections with fellowship, organised outside of meetings – usually in the coffee shop. I will pray for you all.

  3. ‘Bread of life’, food bank in Ripon have seen a slow but steady increase in the number of families needing help. We do a delivery service, as most of our people are either elderly, or have small children, and we do not expect them to be brought out at night. The food for the food parcels we provide, is bought by money that is put into the food bank account, and we receive no help from central government. This should change, as we are doing their work for them by feeding the people they make poor.

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  5. This is good stuff.

    My heart goes out to folks who struggle for lack of basic provisions… and others who care enough to shine some light into the darkness.

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