The neighbours

Day 2

Day 2



  1. Sums my street up! The worst ones no longer put the awful stuff up. But some new ones look as if they might be as bad.

  2. We had some neighbors (no u in California) who put up a big cross on the top of the garage in red and green lights. Unclear on the concept… I never could catch them at home to say “But He’s not born yet!”

  3. Yay for day two 😀

    (Yeah, I know I cheated opening two cartoons on the same day… but I’m on track now.)

    I’m impressed that you managed to replicate the street so accurately.

    … Although in my street, the alarm going off is actually the Bowls Club across the street. (One day they’ll fix that faulty alarm.)

  4. Don’t know why you’re all claiming that it’s your street as it is clearly my street in Sheffield! Spot on Dave!

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