1. How surprising that the people do not appear to be wearing warm coats and hats, or raingear. Perhaps it is an indoor mall? Here in northern California we are wearing jackets but it is dry and sunny. Here even the shoppers would be looking at their phones so count your blessings..

  2. Love the quip about people shopping because they have been told to on the television! You have missed out the teenage lads racing each other up and down the mall in their electric wheelchairs and doing wheelies when they win. No bikes allowed in my local indoor mall, but it s a great place for people who use wheelchairs (myself included here, but I don’t do wheelies)

  3. Aimless wanderer, that’s me, though I sometimes slip into loiterer with mobile phone. I figure the perfect gift will jump out sooner or later. Unless it’s something I saw a month ago and now it’s sold out. After this I go home and shop online, usually with a cup of tea.

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