Translations of ‘The Cycling Cartoonist’

Besides the original version in English there are various language editions of ‘The Cycling Cartoonist’ – see below for details. But first…

Frequently Asked Question: May I translate your cartoons into my language?

This is something a lot of people contact me about. It is much appreciated and most understandable that people want to read my cartoons their own language, and some people offer to translate them for free, which is very kind of them. Fortunately my cycling book, ‘The Cycling Cartoonist’ has been published in several other languages.

Unfortunately I can only allow my cartoons to be translated so that the images contain text in another language when a publisher buys the rights to publish one of my books in that language. I can’t give authorisation for the cartoons to be translated in other situations, as it wouldn’t be fair to publishers who buy the rights and invest in publishing the books to do so. In addition I don’t have the resources to check that translations by people I don’t know actually say what I want to say.

That said I’m happy for text translations to be provided below an image on social media, but not for the images themselves to be edited.

If you are a publisher interested in publishing one of my books in another language please get in touch. If you have any other questions relating to translation please also send me a message.


Translated editions

The Cycling Cartoonist – Spanish edition

Ciclismo con mucho humor: una guía ilustrada de la vida sobre dos ruedas
Published by Editorial Libsa, S.A

The Cycling Cartoonist – German edition

Die Radfahrer Cartoons: Eine illustrierte Anleitung für das Leben auf zwei schmalen Reifen
Published by Covadonga Verlag

The Cycling Cartoonist – Czech edition

Cyklokomiks – Ilustrovaný průvodce životem na dvou kolech
Published by Kniha Zlin

The Cycling Cartoonist – Chinese edition

On its way!

Finally, a video demonstrating flicking through the Spanish edition (in case you don’t believe there is such a thing…)

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  1. I look forward to the Chinese edition and will definitely buy 2 copies to send to my friends In China.

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