BNP lied over 'Christian Council of Britain'

As I mentioned last week the Church Times had a report on the so called ‘Christian Council of Britain’. To quote the article (not online yet): No details of the Christian Council of Britain could be found. “It’s nothing to do with us or me,” said the BNP’s press officer, Dr Phil Edwards. “All I…

As I mentioned last week the Church Times had a report on the so called ‘Christian Council of Britain’. To quote the article (not online yet):

No details of the Christian Council of Britain could be found. “It’s nothing to do with us or me,” said the BNP’s press officer, Dr Phil Edwards. “All I know is, they are a pro-British, British Christian group. It’s separate to the BNP.”

Similarly, in the Church of England Newspaper:

Dr Phil Edwards, a spokesman for the Party, said that ‘many Christians’ had approached the BNP and they were ‘facilitating’ the formation of the Christian Council of Britain. He denied it was directly linked to the British National Party.

This ‘Christian Coucil of Britain’ now have a website at (I’m not linking to it). The domain is registered by one Steve Blake (Whois details for the domain) who also just happens to be the webmaster for the BNP website (see – I’m not linking to the BNP either).

One way or another there seems to be no doubt that the BNP and the ‘Christian Council of Britain’ are not only linked but run by some of the same racist and evil people. I hestitated before writing that but I do believe it. They are racist and, I believe, evil. As the Bishop from the same CEN article said: “To try to hijack the Christian message in a racist or nationalist cause is to pervert the Christian gospel”.

According to a Daily Star article linked to by Labour MP Tom Watson a year or two back Steve Blake imported hardcore Nazi material from the US in the 1980s. I have no evidence to back this up, but I’ll leave you to make up your own minds.

(Thanks to some members of the Ship of Fools bulletin board who did some underground sleuthing to find one or two of the links mentioned here.)


  1. You know, it’s interesting that Steve Blake should be so interested in Nazism specifically. I fear he’s lifting a methog or two from Nazi encouragement of the “German Christian” movement and attempting to create a similar thing here with the “Christian Council of Britain”. Worrying times.

  2. Nice work W. You’re right about the BNP being racist and evil… nasty bunch of idiots.

    Awful that they’re trying hijack the Church – but I’d like to think we’d be strong enough to resist them.

    If they’re not careful we’ll set the Liberal Democrat Christian Forum on them.

    That’ll teach ’em!


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  4. I think this quote from their front page says it all:
    “Although the majority of English, Irish, Scots and Welsh no longer still attend church or recite prayers daily these islands are still Christian nations.”

    The majority of people in this country don’t attend church, don’t pray, don’t read the Bible, don’t know God. In other words, as the site indirectly acknowledges, they’re NOT Christians. They are clearly not a Christian group, and are unaware of what being a Christian means. In my opinion, there are no Christians in this group, nor in the BNP. There may be church-goers, but not people who have truly repented and are following Jesus.
    There’s my two cents.

  5. They also refer to the ‘Christian faiths’ (plural!) and don’t believe in evangelism, a key component of Jesus’ instructions to His disciples.
    Any true followers of Christ need to speak out against this group’s claims and actions, and make it known that they are nothing to do with the real church.

  6. Lev i am a supporter of the BNP, does that make me a racist nasty person just because my political veiws differ from yours?. I am 18 years old, believe in god and i allso feel that this country is crumbling under us, people like you with your childish comments about how much of an idiot we are does not help, we need to stand together!.

  7. Yes it does make you a racist, nasty [edited for language]. Furthermore, your command of the English language is utterly pathetic (quite ironic, given your Anglo-supremacist political views), judging by the spelling and grammatical errors in your comment.

  8. Lev,
    I am a practising Christian in my late fifties. I have served in the armed forces, been married (to the same woman!) for the past 36 years and raised two sons who have turned out to be model citizens. I would also add that my wife is not British. I have never been in any kind of trouble, although I have led a quite colourful life, and have travelled the world working in some of the most inhospitable places alongside, and assisting, the local people. I have no hatred for anyone and yet I support the BNP! I suppose by your scale I am a rabid racist who should be shot or hung? However, when you gain a lifetime of experience perhaps you will change your mind? I have seen the total destruction of Christianity in some Middle Eastern countries and the mayhem caused by people following the dictats of a long dead ‘prophet’. It is now gaining ground at a frightening pace here in Great Britain. I have tried speaking to my MP of my concerns but the situation just worsens. No one in parliament is listening to the concerns of ordinary citizens who have the foresight of the trouble to come. Throughout the last couple of years it is only the BNP who promise to do something, there is no one else. By the way the BNP members I know are decent and law abiding and I have yet to meet an “evil idiot”.

  9. They might be doing something about it but that doesn’t mean it is the right thing. I will admit that I don’t know a huge amount about the BNP currently but even if it has become a load of law abiding decent people who aren’t racist then great – but unfortunately it is very hard to seperate something from its past. If the BNP want to change their image don’t start a Christian wing – change entirely!

    (that’s what the Church does…)

  10. I think, if you investigate enough, the Christian Council of Britain is a newly formed group of christian people who are alarmed at the current situation in this country. The slow, but accelerating dive into a totalitarian state, the enforced change to our culture, the lack of discipline in young people, the suppression of freedom of thought, speech and association etc. I and, I suspect, most of those within the CCB remember Great Britain in happier times. A time before ‘Human Rights’ gave the villain more credence than the victim. When 10 year old boys were not put through the criminal courts for doing what 10 year old boys have been doing for centuries. Like me the people within CCB have probably searched for someone to take up their concerns. The mainstream church certainly will not for fear of being labelled intolerant. The government certainly will not for fear of losing votes from a certain quarter. Who then will address these concerns? You may come to the same conclusions the CCB did?

  11. One or two commenters have said that though they support the BNP they are not racists… I believe you, but the philosphy of the BNP is racist so whatever your concerns for the country you should think twice about supporting a party with such abhorent views. Many of the good honest ordinary Germans who voted for the Nazi party said the same thing i.e. they ignored the actuality because they agreed with the concerns… just because you are not racist and you vote for the BNP doesn’t make them like you… You may not even agree with some of their policies, but if you vote for the party you are giving credence and support to their views. I plead with you, do not let your concern for the social state of this country allow you to elect violent fascists! (BTW if you tell me they are not violent fascists then forgive me but you are wrong… I have met a number of them through mutual contacts – neo-nazi skinhead football hooligans)

  12. Interesting comments – clearly not every individual who supports the BNP is personally rascist – although those who protest their innocence of such a charge need to reply to the question as to why they support a clearly rascist party which is led by people committed to rascist policies and has a leader who has a crimminal offence for rascist activity. Living in an area which the BNP have tried to infect it is interesting that even with elected councillors how little they have actually delivered of their policies.

    But by the grace of God, their presence has at last galvanised local people into action against their vicious decepetions, and also encouraged mainstream parties to listen to the real concerns of the white underclass which has been neglected on local estates.

  13. Mark Berry, you wrote…
    I plead with you, do not let your concern for the social state of this country allow you to elect (violent) fascists!…..
    The parenthesis are there because I would like you to inform us all of the number of BNP members that have been charged with violent conduct over the past five years.

    I would argue that we already have a ‘fascist’ administration. Have a look at the major Bills introduced over the past decade. All, without exception, have eroded our freedoms and given more power to the government. The latest, but not yet sanctioned, is the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill. This single Act will allow government ministers to introduce new, or amend existing law, at will, without the need for parliamentary debate or vote. Now look in any major dictionary at the entry for fascist. I certainly know who the fascists are.
    What this government is proposing is virtually the same as Adolph Hitler introduced in Nazi Germany during the thirties.
    Now take a look at the BNP manifesto and try to spot the difference. We have a government in power eroding your freedoms and the BNP, a so called ‘fascist’ party, that advocates the re-introduction of your freedoms.

  14. For a multi-cultural assignment I needed to do for college I interviewed my local BNP candidate from the general election. I found that I disagreed with almost all his views and theology. However, he was a man with a passion for his country and a love for ALL in his community. Maybe some BNP members are violent and hateful but all the major parties have members (and leaders) who have committed atrocious crimes.

    We must be able to enagage with the BNP, discuss issues and treat individuals as human beings. To reduce our disagreements to name calling and attempts to silence them is immature and overall will have a detrimental effect.

    Jesus didn’t slag off the likes of Zacchaeus from the pulpit. He got out there, engaged with them and it was from then that society began to be transformed. If you really believe the BNP are wrong I challenge you to get out there and get to know you local BNP members and give them the respect that everyone deserves.

  15. Nathan – how about we give them the respect they earn? Just like everyone else.

    Their behaviour in my neighbourhood doesn’t bode well on that score.

    I’m sorry, you can use all the weasle words you like, but there is a racist streak a mile wide running through that organisation.

    And we don’t like racists where I live. We don’t respect them either.

    A PR paintjob doesn’t fool I’m afraid.

  16. No one seems to have a view on my last post regarding the totalitarian stance of the present government. Do I take it this to mean that all you people are willing to accept whatever they decree even if it means total subservience?
    The BNP are probably racist, but their form of racism is to make sure the indigenous people of these islands are not ignored, trampled on and divested of their freedoms gained since the signing of the Magna Carta.

  17. Thanks for the response Liz. My feelings are that everybody deserves respect no matter what they have done. If we needed to earn respect then most of us would be struggling. I guess it’s partly what grace is about.

  18. jj_frap says:

    Very poor and pointless response to Daniel! Ironically, it portrays ‘you’ as one who feels superior. Perhaps the closet racist in you is trying to get out..?

  19. Its so easy to call someone a racist, whats harder is to give evidence on how you get to that conclusion. More difficult than you lefties beleive, because i never see you throwing the evidence about, only the conclusion. I Think i know why now, because there isn’t any. Don’t be narrow minded and read our manifesto and you’ll see its not rasism but common sence and realism. God Bless yor all.

  20. Skye,

    It is precisely because I have read the manifesto that I belive the BNP to be racist. For example, as I quoted on another post:

    A few short extracts from this page of the BNP manifesto:
    ( )

    “5. We would abolish all departments, agencies, or other units of government whose sole and specific purpose is to deal with ethnic issues, grievances, or crimes.”

    “6. We would abolish all laws against racial discrimination in employment and the government bodies associated with enforcing them.”

    “10. A massively-funded and permanent programme, using and doubling Britain’s current foreign aid budget, will aim to reduce, by voluntary resettlement to their lands of ethnic origin, the proportion of ethnic minorities living in Britain, for as long as the majority of the electorate are willing to fund such expenditure.”

    “11. While accepting the right of law-abiding minorities, in our country because they or their ancestors came here legally, to remain here and to enjoy the full protection of the law against any form of harassment or hostility, we will also seek to emphasise the importance of the prior status of the aboriginal people. This would be a national extension of the ‘Sons and Daughters’ policy in priority on housing and school places lists which BNP councils seek to implement at local level.”

  21. I beleive departments set-up specificially because of the colour of your skin (no matter what colour of skin you may of been born with) is racist.

    Treating anyone any differently because of the colour of thier skin is racist.

    Racism works both ways, the only way we can head off a civil war in this country is for people to start to integrate with eachother and all our different ways. I admit there will be a need for compromise from all sides.

    Even though I wasn’t born here, I love Britain, Because I decided to live in Britain, I left my country of birth behind me, the culture is not mine anymore, British culture is now firmly in my heart. British sport, and the more liberal British way of life.

    Be proud to be Britsh. I am.

  22. With the greatest of respect to you Marc. I wonder how many Muslims living in this country would hold your views. They are becoming more and more seperatist and increasingly discriminate against the indiginous population by pressuring liberal civil servants and hypocritical politicians to change lawas and customs for their own benefit and future ambitions.

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